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One Word at a Time: A Roadmap for Navigating Through Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities is available on Amazon.com and on Kindle.

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The technique of listening and following along can imporove reading and comprehension.

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Parenting groups, funded by the federal government, have used One Word At a Time as a resource to help children struggling with learning differences.

One Word At a Time is endorsed by Henry Winkler, actor, aware-winning producer, director, and New York Times Best Selling co-author of the children’s book series Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever.

Henry Winkler who played “The Fonz” in the television show Happy Days also has dyslexia.

“What is most astonishing about Dr. Linda Tessler’s new book is her unique ability to have an intimate relationship with her readers, from introduction to epilogue. With wisdom and insight born of personal experience, she demystifies dyslexia’s complexities and provides a structure for moving on. This courageous woman struggled with her own fears and anxieties, worked around the inadequacies of a non-supportive educational system, and found a path forward. If you are dyslexic, or if you are a parent, educator or someone who cares about a person wrestling with this potentially self-esteem -killing disability, you must experience this book – for your future’s sake.” – John Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer, Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)

“One Word At a Time challenges each of us to recognize, understand and appreciate dyslexia and the related issues. Linda has told a personal story of courage and hope that individuals with dyslexia, their family members and educators need to hear. You will feel as if the author is speaking directly to you as she shares not only her experiences but also the lessons she learned. The book represents a spectacular accomplishment for her but more than that it will be an invaluable resource for the reader. Thank you, Linda.” – Nancy Hennessey, M.Ed., a teacher, administrator, diagnostician and consultant in both regular and special education, is Immediate Past President of the International Dyslexia Association, and active speaker on teaching children with dyslexia

“Dr. Tessler, herself a dyslexic reader, has written an immensely readable book that should be read by anyone interested in what dyslexia is and how it feels to have difficulty with reading or any other aspect of language, which includes speaking, writing, spelling, reading, and arithmetic. Specifically it should be read by parents, teachers, pediatricians, speech/language pathologists, and others who deal with dyslexic individuals. This “road map” shows you what dyslexia is, how it can be helped, how to cope with it, and how successful dyslexic individuals got to the top in their fields. Read this book! If you can’t read, listen to it on tape. Dr. Tessler tells you how.” – Sylvia O. Richardson, M.A.,M.D., Litt.D. (Hon.) Professor Emerita, University of South Florida; former President of the International Dyslexia Association and the American Speech & Hearing Association, renowned in the field of dyslexia.

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