About Linda G. Tessler, Ph.D.

says Dr. Tessler

Today, I am a licensed psychologist, specializing in helping patients understand and use lifelong accommodation techniques to reach their fullest potential.

People told me that I could not go to college. They told me that I could not get a master’s degree or a Ph.D. They told me I could not write a book. I wondered if they were right. Luckily, I didn’t listen. My book has been published and it has received great reviews. Its existence is beyond my wildest dreams.

When I was a child, although my severe dyslexia prevented me from reading, I yearned to read books. Weekly, I took books out of the public library knowing I would never be able to read them. I wanted to touch them and let them sit on my desk for a while. I knew that the right book at the right time could be pure magic, an opening of a universe. Now that I can read better, but I still prefer to listen to a book - I've discovered that I was right. Reading a book can change your life, and no one should miss what books have to offer.

My dream is that One Word at a Time will be meaningful to you. May it open up exciting possibilities – for you.

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Keep searching for your answers! If you can’t find them today, you will find something that makes things better tomorrow, as long as you don't stop searching. I know it feels impossible sometimes.
Henry Winkler “The Fonz” and Linda Tessler both deal with dyslexia.


Many high-profile people also struggle with dyslexia. My research for One Word at a Time led me to interview everyone from a presidential candidate, U.S. senators and congressmen, to Hollywood stars, a Broadway playwright and producer, an Olympian, a renowned brain researcher, the former publisher of The New York Times, and many more. You can read their stories in One Word at a Time.

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New research about the brain and how it functions while processing language is coming out all of the time. Educators are refining teaching programs and developing better new ways to teach people with dyslexia.

The United States Department of Education is playing a role too. In 2010-2011, I was happy to go to Washington, D.C., where I served as a representative for the learning disabled population, as part of a commission formed by President Obama to help disabled college students.

Keep searching for your answers!

Linda Greenbaum Tessler, Ph.D.