A Resource For Dyslexics And Those Who Care About Them

“Dr. Tessler earned national recognition for her pioneering work to raise awareness of dyslexics.”
Dr. Linda Tessler was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at the age of 32. She received no accommodations in her schooling because none were available. Her word fluency at that time tested at third grade level. Yet, in spite of many challenges, Tessler went on to earn a Ph.D.

She became a clinical psychologist, and a United States Commissioner for the Department of Education, serving to help people with learning disabilities. She is also the author of a groundbreaking book on dyslexia. In addition, Tessler is the parent and grandparent of children with dyslexia.

Tessler has dedicated her life to help individuals with dyslexia. For decades she has volunteered her time and expertise to ensure that others do not struggle with dyslexia in the way that she did. Whether in private practice or on public stage, Tessler’s message is one of hope.

One Word at a Time: A Road Map for Navigating Through Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities is Tessler's brave account of her lifetime struggle with dyslexia combined with her knowledge as a scholar, researcher, as well as a psychologist.

The book is filled with compassionate advice and practical strategies. It is informative, insightful, and inspiring.

Easy to read, One Word at a Time is a “must read if you are struggling with dyslexia!”1

One Word at a Time was chosen by parents on Amazon.com as one of the two best books on dyslexia to read.

1. John Kelly President and Chief Operating executive officer, Recording for the Blind Dyslexic. Presently Learning Ally.